Online Classes

One-on-One Class & Group Class
One-on-One Class & Group Class
This is a class where you can use a computer or a cell phone to easily access content.
Learn from anywhere at your convenience with real instructors.
Online regular class (morning, evening)

You can take regular classes without coming to the academy. (morning, evening)
Classes will be held with ZOOM.

Morning class
Time Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri 10:00~12:20 (40mins*3)
Tuition 350,000won (4weeks)
Textbooks ‘New가나다Korean’ (Level 1~6)
course duration each level completed in 4 months
* Newspapers&drama class (Level7) 3times a week, 250,000won

Evening class
Time Tue/Thu 19:00~20:30 (40mins*2)
Tuition 220,000won(4weeks)
Textbooks ‘New가나다Korean’ (Level 1~6)
course duration each level completed in 6 months
Online Morning Regular check out
Online Evening Regular check out

TOPIK online
Now prepare your TOPIK online
- Take live classes especially designed for students abroad or unable to come to the acedemy.
- Enjoy live learning in an interactive classroom with our experienced TOPIK experts.

Teaching Strategies
1. Organize key points of frequently asked questions : Focus on those key points to get the highest score fast and easy..
2. Organize patterns of questions thoroughly : Suggest smart tactics to deal with each pattern.
3. Analize patterns of wrong answers : Train students not to make mistakes, teaching therm how to eliminate the wrong answers.

Time Mon/Wed 16:00-17:30
Tuition 220,000won/month
Textbook Materials prepared by the academy
Online private lesson
- Tailored program to best fit your needs and to plan study times around your schedule
- Platform : 'ZOOM'
- Textbook : In addition to (New 가나다 Korean), you can use relevant textbooks which you want.

Time You can decide the term and time of the lesson
Tuition 50min. 38,000won / 60min. 44,000won / 90min. 66,000won
Textbooks New가나다Korean or other materials that students want
Online private lesson (50mins x 10) check out
Online private lesson (60mins x 10) check out
Online private lesson (90mins x 10) check out
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Email :
Kakao, Line : ganadakorean / 010-8718-6003