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We use『Ganada Korean』devised by our own lecturers, as the teaching material.
It is available in 3 languages: English, Japanese, and Chinese. Each textbook consists of 28 to 30 sections and the contents include dialogues, grammar, and sentence practice.

Each book is structured as below


 - every day conversation
 - Translation for Elementary 1, 2


 - introduce new words
 - Translation for Elementary 1, 2
                        Intermediate 1,2


 - introduce new grammar with simple  explanations for foreigners to easily
    understand and to help them use it correctly
 - Translation for Elementary 1, 2
                       Intermediate 1,2

Sentence Practice

 - to practice the sentence arrangement by using correct grammar

Activity Section

 - reading, speaking, listening practice


 Appendix are added at the end of the book :
 answers for the practice of Review, word indexes and grammar indexes



   Ganada Korean Elementary 1              25,000 won (withCD)

    WORKBOOK Elementary 1                  11,000 won

        This book is for the very first time learners.
         It consists of Korean Vowels and Consonants, final consonant (or consonant cluster) on the end of a Korean orthographic
         syllable, and the word formation.

    Ganada Korean Elementary 2             25,000 won (withCD)

    WORKBOOK Elementary 2                  11,000 won

        This level 2 book is for the beginners.
        It includes basic sentence structures, use of different kinds of particles and ending and connecting suffixes.
        After studying the level 2 book, students will be able to talk about his/her experiences, plans about invitation and         visitation, seasons, transportations, trips and etc.

    Ganada Korean Intermediate 1            25,000 won (with CD)

    WORKBOOK Intermediate 1               11,000 won

        This textbook includes passive verbs, causative verbs, and indirect narration.
        After  studying the level 3 book, students will be able to employ language skills required for business dealing in offices,
        hospital, and post office, and every day use of language without much difficulty.

    Ganada Korean Intermediate 2             25,000 won (with CD)

    WORKBOOK Intermediate 2                  11,000 won

        Students will be able to study official language, onomatopoeic words, mimetic words, proverbs, impolite speech and etc.
        This book also includes Korean culture and tradition.
        It will help students to talk about the topics other than every day life situations and to express their thought and opinions.

    Ganada Korean Advanced 1                 20,000 won (with CD)

    Ganada Korean Advanced 2                 20,000 won (with CD)

        These are textbooks for those who, already in level 5 and 6 have no problems in communications,
        but want to study further on the Korean language intensively.
        As the textbooks make reference to many familiar topic, they will facilitate comprehensive understanding of the Korean
        society, culture and history.
        After studying these textbooks learners will be able to watch Korean movies and television with ease and will improve
        their understanding of complicated newspaper articles and novels.